How to remove the smell from your dog

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Dogs aren’t immune from making them dirty and smelly, but sometimes the reason a dog smells isn’t there just because it’s regular bath time. Various infections, dental problems, and even running around with wildlife can cause an unexplained odor on a dog. To remove the smell from the dog, it may require more than a bath and shampoo to heal.

What Causes Us to Smell Bad Odors?

When we think about the reason for traditional body perfume, it is because of the bacteria present on the skin that break down the proteins resulting in the smell. Our olfactory cells are specialized cells inside our nose that identify these particles in the air and interact the type and strength of smell to our brain. But what about odors other than traditional body odor? Sometimes things that smell have components such as sulfur compounds or fermentation products of yeast, which give off their characteristic perfume, and we know them as offensive odors.

4 ways to keep your dog smelling clean and fresh


Daily brushing, whether your dog’s coat is long or short will help remove dirt and allergens that often accumulate in your dog’s fur. Over time these can develop on your dog’s fur and smell especially bad.

Brushing can help diminish shedding by excluding dead skin cells and losing the fur. A united benefit of brushing your dog regularly is that it will redistribute the inherent oils in your dog’s fur for a healthy and fresh coat. Not to state that you will be forming a strong bond with your pup.

Pet Wipes

Pet safe wipes are the best way to do small bath touch-ups on your dog. These wipes are not only easy to wipe away all the daily dirt and grime out from your dog’s fur, but they also come in every kind of amazing perfume like Oceans Pet Perfume.

Try to thoroughly clean your dog’s body as well as their paw pads and back end. Be sure to keep the wipes away from your dog’s eyes as this can irritate. If your dog’s face is particularly dirty, such as tear stains, try some wipes that are especially expressed for use around sensitive areas such as their ears and eyes.

Oceans Pet Perfume

Similar to pet wipes, you can also try a refreshing perfume made specifically for dogs. These special deodorant sprays not only freshen up your dog’s coat but can also help condition your dog’s fur.

Be sure to avoid spraying your dog’s head or face while you are using these sprays, as this could accidentally irritate your puppy’s eyes or ears. The way I’ve found the best way to apply it is to sprinkle my hands first and run my hands through my dog’s fur. Not only will you secure your pet’s safety, but it will be much less intimidating if they consider it’s just another terrifying scratching session versus showing a bottle at them and sprinkling it.


While VIRBAC ALLERMYL OLAMINE shampoos have been familiar with us humans for years, it’s only recently that olamine shampoos have become a great deal for pet parents to remove the smell from dogs. You can also try making your own with baking soda, cornstarch, and pet-safe inherent oils.

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