Top 6 Common Dog Medical Problems and Diseases

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A blog post on the Common Dog Medical Problems and Diseases and their treatments.

Health-related issues are a part of our life. Well, trust it or not, there are so many health-related issues and diseases in dogs that dogs are susceptible to, which are quite common and can be easily treated. If they are not known, that’s why they are untreated. Some have the potential to cause serious health problems for your dog. We have created a list of some most common health issues in dogs and their Treatments that we hear every day.

              Ear Infection

Ear Infection is the most common problem in dogs. If your dog is suffering from an infection, allergies are likely the culprit, and the most likely allergens in their food are corn, wheat and soy. Suppose you notice the dog pawing and scratching at his ear, rubbing his ear against the floor again and again. It is a good indication of an Ear Infection. More severe symptoms include redness of the ear canal, crusting or crusting around the ear, hair loss around the ear. 

To get rid of ear infections in your dog, First clean and dry your dog’s ear. If a dog feels pain in the ears, He might need ear drops with antibiotics, and also you can take consultation from your dog’s doctor.

Skin Infection

All dogs scratch daily, but if you see your dog scratching continuously, it is a sign of a skin infection. One cause of skin infections in dogs is food allergies. The most common food allergies found in many dog ​​foods are corn, wheat and soy. Switching to less allergenic foods such as lamb and rice may be the key to getting relief from your dog’s itchy skin. However, if a change in diet doesn’t make any difference, your dog will need a vet. Bacterial and yeast infections can also cause canine itching. Hot spots become very painful sores, especially for thick fur dogs.

Depending on the type of infection, your veterinary doctor may recommend a shampoo change to treat the allergy. He may recommend something as simple as an antibiotic ointment for more serious skin infections. There can be many reasons for a dog’s skin infection, so getting a proper diagnosis is the first step in treating the problem.

Dental Disease

Oral infections are the most common disease in dogs and can become a problem after three years. Gingivitis and tartar are two of the common issues with dogs’ teeth. Abscesses, a more serious form of periodontal disease, tend to be more prevalent in older dogs. Bad breath, discoloured gums and teeth, and lumps under or on the tongue are all signs of dental disease.

Dental disease can be treated with teeth cleaning, root canals and extractions. Your dog’s veterinarian would be responsible for administering all of these treatments. Regular vet visits are the best way for serious dental diseases to be prevented.


You can test if your dog needs weight loss by running your fingers along their ribcage. If your dog’s ribs are not feeling well, they are likely overweight. For most dogs, obesity is obvious. However, rib cage testing is the best way to determine if your dog needs to lose weight for furrier dogs.

It is important to provide your dog with a high-quality, balanced diet and ensure that he gets regular exercise.


As you probably know, fleas are another thing that almost every dog will encounter in their lifetime.

You can easily knock them over with the right medication. There are many products available at your local pet shop.

However, ticks are more serious. Paralysis ticks can cause serious health problems in your dog. They can even lead to death.


Arthritis is very common in older dogs. One in five Australian dogs will experience arthritis (or osteoarthritis) at some time during their lifetime.

Your dog will seem slow to get up in the mornings or colder weather, and they will also be less active. It is difficult to determine if your dog has arthritis. Your dog will not show any signs of discomfort, even though it is very painful.

Your dog can be helped by weight control, exercise and anti-arthritic medications.

If you cannot recover your Pet from any disease or are noticing something different in your Pet, You can consult with a veterinary doctor. Supervet is the complete pet solution and has to be experienced by veterinary doctors that will take care of your Pet.

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