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Supervet offers Double Sided Brush For Dogs



  • Gentle comb teeth: Unlike de-matting combs with sharp teeth, this dog grooming comb features round teeth that break up tangles and effectively remove loose hair, dander & dirt trapped beneath fur.
  • 2 in 1 brush with Stainless steel Pin on one Side and Bristles on the other side
    • One side of the brush features small metal pins that glide through your pet’s hair, removing tangles & knots along the way.
    • The other side of the grooming brush showcases pliable bristles that are soft & gentle. They do not scratch or irritate your pet’s sensitive skin. Instead, they smooth & slick to enhance shine
  • Anti-slip Soft grip- It comes with an anti-slip coat on the handle which provides a grip while holding and gives you a firm and effortless hold to avoid accidents while grooming your pet.
  • Easy to carry-The ergonomic and lightweight design of this comb makes it easy for pet owners to carry while traveling, and also can be easily stored in the pet grooming kit even at home.
  • Benefits of Brushing – Routine brushing keeps your pet’s hair clean and tangle-free while keeping their skin healthy by stimulating blood flow, removing dead hair, & distributing natural oils.

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