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Supervet Canitab (Calcium and Multivitamin With D3) Tablets

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Product Description

Supervet Canitab Tablets optimally balanced the ratio of Vitamins and Minerals to help support the major areas of health. From healthy skin and coat to a healthy gut and strong joints, it also aids in brain functioning and boosts your mutts’ immune system. Added on with appropriate doses of calcium and vitamin d, a formulation for healthy bones and integuments.  The ratio of every nutrient as given in accordance with a balanced meal, to maximize their absorption and utilization, formulated for health at its best.

-Features of  Supervet Canitab Tablets

Health support

Protects against viral illness

Strong muscles

Better skin and coat

Better immunity

For better joint health

For better bone density


Provide essential nutrients

Boosts immune system

Formulated for Better absorption

Improves skin and coat

Age gracefully

Better cognitive development


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How can we help you with Supervet ?