How to Take care of your Pets at the time of Diwali

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An ultimate guide to taking care of your Pets during the Diwali Festival.

Diwali is the happiest and most auspicious throughout the year, but for our dogs, Diwali always seems like a nightmare. If you already have a pet, you know how bad things get when firecrackers go out. It’s impossible to keep your pet dog calm at this time of year, and pollution performs things worse.

Although, there have been examples where dogs are customary to firecracker noise and don’t panic much through this festive season. But if your carefree dog starts to tremble, shake and bark more during the Diwali festivities, then it is a definite sign that your dog is scared of fireworks. It’s really crucial to make them feel relaxed during this time of the year.

Tips to ensure your pets are secure and healthy during Diwali:

Stay calm and don’t add to the confusion

Photographer and food blogger Parineeta Salian, the dog mom of an adorable eight-year-old Labrador Leo, says your anxiety can increase your pet’s stress levels. Therefore, humans should remain calm and behave normally with their four-legged friends despite the sound of the bursting of firecrackers.

Cut out the noise

To Take care of Pets during Diwali, Make sure that you keep the doors, windows, and main entrance of the house closed so that there is minimum noise from outside. It is the best approach to keep your dog in a room where there is not much noise from outside. Put on the television or play some cool music. This will be peaceful and divert your pet from the noise of the firecrackers. If you are bursting firecrackers outside, keep your pet as far apart from that place as possible. You can also utilize earmuffs or strips to coat your ears.

Spend time with your pets and do not leave them alone

The last thing you want is for your pet to be depressed and lonely on Diwali while you are engaged in the festivities. This will only increase their fear and make them excited. To Take care of Pets during Diwali, Play with your pet, give them lots of attention, give them their preferred treats and hug them throughout this challenging time so that they feel cherished and can withstand the noise of bursting crackers. If you’re organizing a Diwali party at home, include your pets in the festivities, and make sure they don’t feel left out or isolated.

Keep your pet hydrated

Your dog must be gasping incessantly because of the fear and anxiety he goes through due to the deafening sound of firecrackers. This will make him salivate more, resulting in dehydration. So, make sure your pet gets enough food and water during this time. Always keep a bowl of water at hand.

Keep them away from fire hazards

Sometimes pets get excited and try to escape to get relief from the noise. This can put them in danger of getting burned by firecrackers. If you and your family members choose to burst firecrackers near your home or if there is a fireworks display in your neighborhood, be very careful that your dog is nowhere near that region. Make sure all doors and entrances are shut so that your pet does not run out of the house. Give your dog a comfortable and familiar room and ask at least one family member to keep an eye on him at all times.

Do not expose pets to toxic materials from firecrackers

The debris produced by burning firecrackers is as dangerous to pets as the firecrackers themselves. Pets tend to eat the remains of lit firecrackers when the celebration is over, and this puts them in danger of poisoning by toxic chemicals. Once the fireworks display is over, clean up the debris and throw it away to avoid any danger to your pet’s health.


Festivals like Diwali can be great fun, and it is also a fabulous time to bond with family. But, every celebration for our four-legged companions should be celebrated responsibly and with kind thought.

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