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Supervet Ozone Shampoo For Adult dogs

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Supervet offers Supervet Ozone Adult Dog Shampoo

Ingredients of oceans

Surfactant Base,


Coconut Oil,


Viscosity Modifiers,

Conditioning Agents,

Permitted Colour,

Permitted Perfume.

Ozone acts as a deep cleanser and offer a smooth and shiny coat .it care for all types of coat

Its gracefully hypoallergenic properties protect skin reduce hair fall and itchiness

  • The makers of a dog shampoo realize the importance of fabricating it such that the product matches the needs of a dog’s skin. Although, your dog maybe tough looking, it has a sensitive skin underneath that needs to be taken care of with the use of mild cleansing shampoos.
  • They cleanse the skin and coat while maintaining the pH. This is very important as changes in pH can causes rashes and irritability.
  • They also lather easily, have a good fragrance and maintain the moisture on a dog’s skin. Maintaining the moisture level is important as lack of it can cause dry skin and dandruff.
  • Some shampoos are specially designed for dirt removal and coat brightening. One can hit two targets at once with this.


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How can we help you with Supervet ?