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Virbac Sebolytic Medicated Shampoo for Dogs & Cats – 200 ml

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Supervet offers Virbac Sebolytic Medicated Shampoo for Pets is used to treat a condition called Keratoseborrhea. This tar-free medicated shampoo has Glycotechnology for dogs. It can also be used on cats and horses. This cleansing shampoo is Antiseborrheic and Keratolytic.

  • Product type: Medicated shampoo for dogs
  • Used to treat and control Keratoseborrhea
  • Check for possible allergens
  • Check with a vet before using (especially for quantities to use)

Directions for use: Wet the coat and apply shampoo, massage the shampoo into the coat to create a lather. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water. How much time you should let the shampoo sit for will be recommended by the vet depending on the severity of the Keratoseborrhea. Repeat the procedure if required. For dogs with long coats, make sure the coat is clipped before using.


Sodium Salicylate IP – 1% w/w

(Equivalent to Salicyclic acid IP – 0.86%w/w)

Zinc Gluconate BP – 0.5 % w/w

Pyridoxine HCL IP – 0.5% w/w

HUFT Tip: While giving your pet a bath do not splash water on your pet’s face. This is unpleasant and will immediately make them uncomfortable. Take a little water in the palm of your hand and slowly wet the area. It is best to keep shampoos and conditioners far from the eyes.



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